Recycling in Minaki

At the request of MCA member Bruce Mahaffy, we are posting a letter regarding the recycling program in Minaki from the Minaki Recycling Corporation.  Bruce, Shelley Christie of the Minaki Marina, and Doug Johnson, the on-site manager of the Lodge property for Minaki on the River Inc., appear through that corporation to be continuing the recycling program that Lodge redevelopers Bob Banman and Bob Schinkel started last summer.

We thank Bruce, Shelley, and Doug for their recycling efforts for the benefit of Minaki during the summer season.  Anyone interested in helping the program should contact Bruce for information directly (  We note that the letter states that the recycling program can help prolong the life of the Minaki dump, but we hope that that point doesn’t create confusion, as the current dump rules already prohibit glass and plastics.  The Minaki program, however, can still offer a convenient alternative to taking recycling to Kenora.