MMAH Approval Update

Rick Handlon and planning consultant Jeff Port have been in contact with Sylvie Oulton at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in Thunder Bay.  She reports that MMAH staff members there are still working on the Banman/Schinkel redevelopment application for the Minaki Lodge site and are still coordinating the review by other Ministries.  MMAH will likely coordinate another meeting with MCA and developer representatives before it makes its decision on the application, which will occur some time this winter.
We continue to be puzzled that MMAH has not asked one question nor asked for one bit of followup with respect to our submission last April, and we would like to be seeing the additional submissions that the developer is making to MMAH.  The many year-round Minaki residents who also made a written submission regarding the proposed redevelopment have also had no followup from MMAH.  We expect that those residents will be represented at any meeting.
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