MCA Submits Critical Sewage Treatment Concerns to MMAH

The MCA had an opportunity in Minaki in August to take Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing staff members through the MCA’s set of concerns about the impacts of the proposed Lodge redevelopment.  The discussion of sewage treatment concerns was especially intricate, reflecting additional issues and system shortcomings that we had learned about since our first submission in April, 2013, based on additional records and correspondence finally provided to us by MMAH beginning in March of this year.

In October, Accutech Engineering, one of the MCA’s independent sewage treatment experts, issued a report that described and analyzed all the additional sewage treatment topics.  The MCA has sent the report to MMAH and to the Ministry of the Environment, under a cover letter that summarizes the report’s findings and reasserts the longstanding concerns that we have already been pressing.  The cover letter to MMAH is available under the “Minaki Lodge” button, under the heading “Supplemental Submission to Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Regarding Sewage Treatment,” and we hope that you find time to read it.  The full Accutech report is available under that heading as well.  Rick Handlon and Lyle Norrie continue to lead the MCA’s effort to keep after this evolving topic.