Annual Minaki Cocktail Party and Fundraiser

Minaki Foundation volunteer board members, stymied by their summer schedules and the cumulative effect of all their work for the Foundation and Minaki, concluded that they could not manage the annual Foundation cocktail party and fundraiser this year. In late May they announced its cancellation.

MCA board member Joan Chaput suggested that the MCA should pitch in, and after a cooperative meeting with the Foundation, the MCA board has made it official. We will pick the party up for one year, so that the annual chance for seasonal and year-round residents to relax and mix and raise some money for Minaki will continue in 2015.

Here are some details:

1) date is July 26, from 4:00 to 8:00;

2) tickets are $25 each as usual, but sold only at the door (and no part of the price will be tax deductible);

3) luckily, food again by Jean Louis and Denise;

4) all liquor proceeds will benefit the Minaki Community Association, as they have in past years;

5) in recognition of what the Foundation does for Minaki, and in recognition of all the work it has done to establish this party on the annual calendar, the Cottagers Association has volunteered to donate half of the net admissions ticket revenue to the Minaki Foundation.

We are very excited about this chance to continue this wonderful and cooperative event and raise some money for Minaki.