2015 Minaki Community Cocktail Party

The 2015 Minaki Community Cocktail Party, sponsored this year by the Minaki Cottagers Association, was a wonderful success.  People came early and stayed late, all the while enjoying the offerings of Denise and Jean Louis Catering which, as has been the case every year, were the best yet.

We count well over 200 attendees, and although the chance for the whole community to get together in the tradition started by the Minaki Foundation is the most important thing, we did raise a nice amount of money for the Foundation, for the Minaki Community Foundation, and for our association.  Generous people made additional donations to the Foundation and to us.

The volunteer response from our members was overwhelming — thank you all.  Thanks also to the Minaki Foundation board volunteers, who were a great help in getting us going.  How the event is handled next year is up to them, but we do know that all who volunteered would be glad to pitch in again.