Boat Rally for MMAH

The MCA joined year-round residents of the town of Minaki for a boat rally in the Lodge channel on the Saturday of Labour Day weekend, putting over eighty boats into the narrow channel and sending a message to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

One of the major negative impacts of the excessive density in the proposed redevelopment of the Minaki Lodge site is the congestion and danger to public safety from the excessive number of boats that will come with the project. With 139 condominium units proposed (down recently from 161 – more on that in a subsequent post), there will be 139 boats piled into the narrow and already-challenging Lodge channel.

The redevelopers have consistently ignored this critical impact in their applications to MMAH, and despite warnings from the MCA, from year-round town residents, and from the Wabaseemoong First Nation, no one has ever had any indication that MMAH recognizes the issue.

The year-round residents suggested that it was time to turn all the words sent to MMAH about boating impacts into a picture with a boat rally in the channel, and the MCA membership joined them in force. Even with the boats just drifting, for safety’s sake (an OPP boat was on hand as well), the demonstration showed how quickly the channel passage is overwhelmed and how dangerous the excessive density of the redevelopment proposal would be.