Comments Flow in to Environmental Registry

The revised applications for 138 residential condominium units on the Minaki Lodge site by Bob Banman and Bob Schinkel have come in to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, still without follow-up from the Ministry of additional information regarding what besides unit count has changed.
In the meantime, though, MMAH is required to post the applications on the Province’s Environmental Registry, and solicit public comment on environmental impacts.  That posting occurred in mid-September.  The 30-day comment period just ended, with MMAH hearing directly from many MCA members and year-round residents of Minaki about the unacceptable and avoidable environmental impacts of the over-sized redevelopment proposal.
The MCA filed its own comment, as an organization, providing the technical and engineering backdrop for the environmental concerns, based in large part on the work of its two independent sewage treatment engineering firms.  Comments on the Environmental Registry are not available for viewing, but the MCA’s comment is available under the “Minaki Lodge” button.
This Environmental Registry process is entirely separate from the ongoing review by MMAH of the redevelopment proposal under the Ontario Planning Act.  That review, which started in 2012, continues with currently no fixed deadline.  But the Environmental Registry did provide an opportunity for the strong scientific backdrop of the MCA’s comment to combine with the deep and personal perspectives of the year-round and seasonal residents, telling MMAH again that the redevelopment is too big and too risky for Minaki and the Winnipeg River.