Logging Plan Update

MNR is continuing to oversee the planning process for the second five years of the current 10-year Kenora Forest logging cycle.  Cutting in those years, beginning in 2017, will include areas north of Pistol Lake and along the entrance to Roughrock.  (A map showing those areas and proposed setbacks from the water is available under the “Forestry” button.)
MNR’s process remains in the information gathering phase, with public information centres scheduled for March 24 in Kenora and March 30 in Sioux Narrows.  Those dates and places aren’t aimed at most cottage owners, but the MCA on behalf of its membership has submitted a set of concerns to MNR and the contract logger through Wayne Bruce of Pistol Lake, who sits on the forestry planning board.  The concerns focused on the preservation of all tree lines visible from the water, and on limits on the days and times on and at which logging activity could occur.  MNR staff will meet with MCA representatives as a follow up to that submission.
MNR expects to release a revised logging plan, reflecting the public input, in mid-June.  An opportunity for public comment will follow that release as well.  Please contact the MCA if you have any questions or comments about the proposed logging.