OMB Chair Rejects Developers’ Appeal on Minaki Lodge

We have been waiting since early November for the chair of the Ontario Municipal Board (now known as the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) to rule on the developers’ appeal of the reversal of their approvals for 139 condominium units on the Minaki Lodge site.  The chair’s ruling has at last appeared, and denies developers’ appeal.  The ruling is available under “OMB Appeal Process” at the “Minaki Lodge” button.

The chair’s denial leaves in place the substance of the OMB decision, based on the two-week hearing in Kenora last July, that private communal sewage treatment is not allowed in unorganized territory under the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement.  That result is important, as it effectively imposes some density control for condominium and other separately-owned development formats on the Lodge site and all over unorganized territory.

Developers had previously appealed the OMB decision to Divisional Court.  That judicial appeal had been stayed pending the administrative appeal to the OMB chair, but it may now proceed.