In mid-March, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks approved the Minaki Lodge redevelopers’ application to amend the permit for the old Minaki Lodge sewage treatment plant, so that the plant could serve a trailer park instead of condominiums.

Minaki resident Alex Rheault, on his own behalf and on behalf of the majority of town residents known as the Alex Rheault group, has requested leave to appeal the amendment to the Environmental Rights Tribunal.  That request arises under Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights, and may be made only by an Ontario resident.

The request for leave to appeal addresses MOE’s amending of the permit without requiring updated water quality baseline studies for the Winnipeg River and without requiring additional treatment of effluent before it discharges from the 32-year old plant directly into the River.  The residents and the Conservancy have been advocating for the correction of those failures for years.

The Conservancy cooperated with the residents in the preparation and submission of the request for leave.  Tony Usher, our joint planning consultant, and Anne Egan at R.J. Burnside, our joint engineering consultant, provided quick assistance in meeting the 15-day deadline.  If leave to appeal is granted, then an appeal to the Tribunal would follow, most likely based on written submissions.  It appears that a ruling on the request for leave will come by the end of June.

The primary components of the request for leave are available by clicking on the links below.

The Minaki Conservancy Board