Minaki Lodge Redevelopment — Good News!

After the announcement last fall that the Minaki Lodge site was for sale for a 199-unit trailer park, developers David Banman and Bob Schinkel have apparently found little interest from trailer park buyers.  In response, they have now moved to a plan of selling individual residential lots.  If this plan holds, it will be a wonderful end to a long saga.

Their plan shows 39 lots for sale, using lots in the existing underlying subdivision of the Town of Minaki or combinations of those lots.  Since they rely on the existing lot layout, with no further subdivision, there is no Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing approval or process required and the lots are capable of year-round use under the Provincial Policy Statement.

Other positives:

— demolition of the hotel buildings

— individual on-site septic, so no use of the sewage treatment plant

— no dock expansion

— lots of construction work for local contractors

This proposed use — lower density residential dwellings on individual lots with on-site septic — has been urged for the Lodge site by the large group of year-round residents and by the Conservancy since the first filings with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in 2013.  On behalf of the Conservancy, we enthusiastically support the developers’ lots proposal, and will try to help with the continued spreading of information.  A trailer park buyer could still appear, so it’s important that the developers stay on their new path.

The Minaki Conservancy Board of Directors