Minaki Lodge Redevelopment — Good and Better News

The good news is that Manitoba developers Bob Banman and Bob Schinkel have as of March 25 sold the Minaki Lodge property, after ten and a half years of attempts at exceedingly high density uses on the site. The better news is that the buyer is a group led by Winnipeg businessman Doug Gratton.  Doug and his brother Glen are permanent residents of Minaki, having owned their places on Pistol Lake for eleven years.

The transaction was structured as a purchase of the three corporations that together own the Lodge site and the Governor’s cabin.  Banman and Schinkel retain only the lots in Town that have over time traveled with Lodge ownership. Here is the buying group’s announcement:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the purchase of Minaki on the River. As full-time residents of Minaki, our vision is a little different from the last ownership group. Our main vision is to see a sustainable development, with plans to decommission the sewage treatment plant and replace it with septic fields. We will sell approximately 10 water front residential lots, and 30 back/water view residential lots. 

The hotel buildings will be greatly reduced in size, and renovated into approximately eighteen 2000 square foot residential condominium units, with an appeasing exterior to enhance the beauty of the site. All historical log buildings will be renovated, and available for rentals or purchase. Our plans call for a restaurant and recreation center/common area. We will reduce the number of approved docks by approximately half.

Different ideas are still being discussed, so we are very open to suggestions from the local community. Our website is online at www.minaki.com.

Doug Gratton

Glen Gratton

Ron Davies

Harold Rempel

It has been a long time since the owner of the Minaki Lodge site has shown concern for the Minaki community and the impacts that development of this critical site can have.  Doug will be glad to hear from people through the contact information on minaki.com.

The Minaki Conservancy Board