The Minaki Conservancy relies on members for volunteer time, for input on its work, for decisions at the annual general meeting, and for financial support.

There are two classes of membership in the Conservancy:  primary membership and associate membership.  Primary membership is available to anyone who owns and occupies residential property in Minaki.  For membership purposes, the Minaki geographic area runs from the Dalles and Throat Rapids in the south, down the Winnipeg River watershed to the Whitedog Dam.

Each primary membership includes a person’s spouse or partner, if any, and is entitled to two votes at the annual general meeting.  Ownership for this purpose includes direct ownership of real estate, through full fee title or a fractional interest, or indirect ownership of real estate through an entity, such as a corporation, partnership or trust, which is not a commercial operation and whose sole purpose is providing for the ownership and occupancy of Minaki residential property.  The annual fee for primary membership is $50.

Associate membership is available to an adult member of the immediate or extended family of a primary member — for example, the daughter or son, sister or brother, or niece or nephew of a primary member — and to the spouse or partner of the adult family member.  Associate membership is limited to one person, so a spouse or partner of an adult family member may hold his or her own associate membership.  The annual fee for associate membership is $20.

Membership fee amounts are in Canadian dollars.  Membership fees, once paid, are not refundable.

By mail: Print and complete the membership application form (available by clicking here) and mail it to the address on the form, together with your cheque for the membership fee or fees payable to The Minaki Conservancy. Please complete and mail the form for both new memberships and renewals. A space for an additional voluntary donation is provided.

Online: The Conservancy accepts payments online for new memberships or renewals by MasterCard or Visa credit or debit cards. The Conservancy is charged a fee for each credit or debit card transaction equal to 2.9% plus $.30 — on a $50 membership payment, for example, the transaction fee is $1.80. Please understand that that fee will be added automatically to your transaction, so that the full membership comes net to The Conservancy. Remember also that for non-Canadian credit cards, a currency conversion fee may apply to you as well. With online transactions, the Conservancy receives no credit or debit card information other than the name of the cardholder.

The online form includes the chance to add a donation. The card transaction fee will attach to any donation amount, though, so for larger donations a mailed cheque may be a better option.

For a property owner’s membership application, plus however many associate memberships you want, click here. For a single associate membership application, click here. You will receive confirmation of acceptance and the charge to the card by email.

Questions? Please send an email pursuant to the “Contact The Conservancy” button for help or more information.